Who Runs This Place?
There is a group of 10 people who keep our CampFire
running smoothly.
They put in countless hours to give us a place to play
fun, friendly, and fair games in a family atmosphere
Their decisions may not always be the popular ones,
but they are always made with the best interest of the ladder in mind.
Let's meet this group of dedicated people!
I was born on July 4, 1954 and have 4 children and 3
grandchildren.  I also have 3 dogs and an aquarium full of
My favorite food is steak and lobster...yummmm.
My favorite place to relax is a tiny stream covered in low
hanging brush and lots of tiny waterfalls near Mt.
Pisgah, NC
What could my hobbies be?? Hmmmm...could they
include spades? LOL  I began playing the game 37
years ago in a tiny beer palace called the Red Mule Pub
in Brooksville, FL and I've been hooked ever since.
SweetThangFL - Head Admin
Sweet lives in Jacksonville, FL.  I was born
April 14 and have 3 children and 6
grandchildren.  I have a dog named Bella and
enjoy playing spades, bicycle riding and
spending time with my grandkids
I've been playing spades for 15 years.  I am the
Captain of the ThangZ team and my goal for
this league is to keep it a friendly place for
people to come and relax and not have to
worry about the hassles of everyday life.
I was married for over 30 years and have 2 boys and 2 girls.  
I was born on March 10th in Little Rock, Arkansas and was
raised and still live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
On my next birthday, I will celebrate my umpteenth year
of being 29.  I spend most of my time coaching Basketball
or Softball or watching my kiddies play.
My favorite place to relax is under a shady tree on a warm,
sunny day.  I love sports, dancing, jazz, old movies and
mystery novels.
My favorite foods are shrimp, steak, and ice cream covered
in strawberries and Cool Whip.
I've been playing spades about 20 years and am the captain of
Sweet and Easy team. I am determined to do whatever I can to
keep the CampFire League a friendly, fun, and competitive
place to play spades with as few hassles as possible.
Hi I am Ladyg (Gerri) from the lovers state of Virginia
and being from the lovers state yes I love the game of
Started in the backyard years ago with jokers lol and then
was introduced to the zone and the rest is history. Being a
part of Campfire Spaders has been a great journey and
looking forward to many more years to come.

I am a mother of my beautiful daughter Stacey and my
grandson Donovan. I love reading, cooking and just
overall a relaxing time at home and in the Campfire.
With that said, I love to make you smile.
Been married to Jim for 20 yrs...  he's retired military and I'm
retired nurse.  He plays with cars and I do Red Cross Disaster
Between us we have 4 sons, 4 granddaughters, 3 grandsons and 1
great granddaughter.
We also have 2 mini dachshunds.
.When not playing Spades, I have a small craft shed that has
enough supplies to make just about anything my mind can create!  
...and cross stitching...
I'd like to see CF experience grow, while keeping the family
friendly atmosphere.
My other favorite past times
are my son he is the best. My
favorite food is PIZZA!

I'm Gambler_QuadJay and SwtyPi has been
waiting for months for me to send in a little
something about myself.  She's still waiting and
for some reason she just won't fire me.
Gambler_Charleen hopefully will submit her
pictures and a little introduction ASAP!
What you see is what you get.